Batman Almost Done + Update!


So I’m am almost done with my Batman amigurumi! I had some trouble with the emblem last night. But I should have it complete by tonight after a trip to Joann Fabrics. πŸ˜€ Hahaha! Then I should have some pictures up sometime this week. I am trying to figure out my crochet schedule around school still.

After him I am starting Ironman! He looks to be a lot easier than the rest of the dolls. So I should be able to get him done quickly. After Ironman will be The Joker. I saved him for last because he will be the most detailed. Luckily, I have gotten the rest done faster than I thought I would and I still have a lot of time to work on the last 2.

So at the beginning of this next year I will be open for commissions again (officially). I will have time to start some new projects and finish up my current blanket WIPs. I have some ideas of new items to make for my shop. But I’m also still trying to find some new ideas. πŸ™‚


Current Stuff


I’m almost finished with the amigurumi zombie my brother commissioned me to make. I’ll be posting pictures once he’s done. He’s super cute so far. πŸ™‚

Then I will be starting on a Batman amigurumi doll. Luckily these dolls don’t take too long to finish up. They are fun, but can be stressful with the small stitches. LOL

After Batman I will work on Ironman. Then Joker. I’m saving Joker for last because I feel that one will be the hardest to put together.

I’m slowly working on my side blankets. I’m guessing I won’t get much done on them since I have the dolls to focus on. I don’t plan on starting anything new until the dolls are done and the blankets are mostly done.

I’m going through my crocheted inventory right now to see what all I have to put in my shop. Because I sold some cowls online and to friends when I took a break. So I need to take inventory, then I can start more to fill up my shop before opening it again.

I will be taking it slow this time too with promoting. As much as I want my shop to be successful, I also don’t want to get burned out/stressed out again.

So that’s what’s going on right now. I hope you all had a great weekend! ❀