Current Stuff


I’m almost finished with the amigurumi zombie my brother commissioned me to make. I’ll be posting pictures once he’s done. He’s super cute so far. 🙂

Then I will be starting on a Batman amigurumi doll. Luckily these dolls don’t take too long to finish up. They are fun, but can be stressful with the small stitches. LOL

After Batman I will work on Ironman. Then Joker. I’m saving Joker for last because I feel that one will be the hardest to put together.

I’m slowly working on my side blankets. I’m guessing I won’t get much done on them since I have the dolls to focus on. I don’t plan on starting anything new until the dolls are done and the blankets are mostly done.

I’m going through my crocheted inventory right now to see what all I have to put in my shop. Because I sold some cowls online and to friends when I took a break. So I need to take inventory, then I can start more to fill up my shop before opening it again.

I will be taking it slow this time too with promoting. As much as I want my shop to be successful, I also don’t want to get burned out/stressed out again.

So that’s what’s going on right now. I hope you all had a great weekend! ❤

Amigurumi Saved The Day


My brother has commissioned me to make some amigurumi dolls for him and his co-workers. It definitely helped bring me back into the crochet community. I missed crocheting so much when I was on my ‘break’. I wanted to start back up, but I felt no motivation to do so. It always helps when someone else reaches out to bring you back from your slump. 🙂

I will not be opening my shop back up for a while. I’m starting school soon and I don’t want to get too overwhelmed again. I will be getting everything in order and making more items to be put up for sale in the mean time. I will make a post when I’m getting ready to open it back up. But for right now I don’t have a definite answer of when that will be.

I went through my WIPs last night and I have 3 blankets going right now. Then I have 4 dolls to make before January. So I will slowly be working on those blankets while getting those dolls done. I don’t plan on starting anymore. I do still have my 2016 crochet mood blanket half finished. I plan on finishing it up and naming is to be put up for sale in my shop eventually.

It feels good to be back and I hope you all are doing well!!

Hello fellow crocheters!


I’m so sorry for going silent like that. I just got so burned out keeping up with all the social media and my shop. Again, I am so sorry. And if that ever happens again, I will make a post. For now I will start updating slowly. Getting back into things slowly. So I hope you can forgive me and please enjoy any future posts!